Why Am I Readying this?

YO! This is my first umm.. “blog”. I will have to think of a different bizarre intellectual word for it later. For now, just think of this as a humans tell all. I’m a college student- so ‘Q’ all the lectures on why I ride the struggle bus. Daily. Somehow I stumbled on this insane idea that I wanted to become a doctor (ya I know, I have my reasons). Lets see.. what else.. Ugrrr I write poetry- SHHHH don’t tell anyone. I just like sentences that rhyme or don’t make sense to other people, it’s like talking in code. Perhaps, there is just the slightest possibility I like to say mean things about guys who are jerks (OR maybe I’m the Taylor Swift of poetry, just with out the millions of dollars.). Fair warning, I pretend to believe I’m bloody hilarious. When in fact I’m generally “that” person who laughs at their own jokes. NOTE: I don’t just write about relationships that have gone incredibly wrong, I write about the emotions that make me really intoxicated or really depressed (phrasing may be a little contradicting but hopefully you get it). As far as other things that will be memo-ed on here.. Probably just a lot of randomness. Cliche music. Happening movies (because I love movies). Daily funnies that my life seems to encounter. Perhaps some cool medical ‘stuff’. Maybe MCAT study ‘stuff’ (just because I need some support and a LOT of guidance). If you have any cool things you think I should be taking note of LET ME KNOW. However, you can save your breath on my horrific grammar. I realize I’m incapable of forming a proper sentence- okay. Anywayyysss, I think that about sums it up or I’m already over the idea of starting this umm.. “blog”.

– Salt. Lime. CHEERS!