What is perfection

Just a figment of my imagination

Something more or less

Of the ideal common mess

Just a stranger in the crowd

Eyes that scream so loud

Who are you

Are you just to good to be true

Just another tall dark figure

Something to make my mind linger

A creation of some kind

Or just perfection of the mind

What am I

Could I be a fool

Why must your beauty be so cruel

My imagination fiddles

As the heart deciphers riddles

Cross your heart and dot your i’s

Because perfection is only sweet
sweet lies



SPADE (Mitchel)

The ground isn’t soft

But it is safe
Destruction is loud
But we are quiet

The words you speak
Are echoes in my ears
Are the meanings false…
Do you fly so high?

Where do you stand-
Lets call a spade a spade
Don’t talk up this game
Poker never sounded…
So cheap

I stand on the outside
Yet, face to face
With a thousand words
But quiet is every word
Left to me

So take this exit
Silence is the key
Changes nothing to you
Nor me, so cheers to us
Forever free


Why Am I Readying this?

YO! This is my first umm.. “blog”. I will have to think of a different bizarre intellectual word for it later. For now, just think of this as a humans tell all. I’m a college student- so ‘Q’ all the lectures on why I ride the struggle bus. Daily. Somehow I stumbled on this insane idea that I wanted to become a doctor (ya I know, I have my reasons). Lets see.. what else.. Ugrrr I write poetry- SHHHH don’t tell anyone. I just like sentences that rhyme or don’t make sense to other people, it’s like talking in code. Perhaps, there is just the slightest possibility I like to say mean things about guys who are jerks (OR maybe I’m the Taylor Swift of poetry, just with out the millions of dollars.). Fair warning, I pretend to believe I’m bloody hilarious. When in fact I’m generally “that” person who laughs at their own jokes. NOTE: I don’t just write about relationships that have gone incredibly wrong, I write about the emotions that make me really intoxicated or really depressed (phrasing may be a little contradicting but hopefully you get it). As far as other things that will be memo-ed on here.. Probably just a lot of randomness. Cliche music. Happening movies (because I love movies). Daily funnies that my life seems to encounter. Perhaps some cool medical ‘stuff’. Maybe MCAT study ‘stuff’ (just because I need some support and a LOT of guidance). If you have any cool things you think I should be taking note of LET ME KNOW. However, you can save your breath on my horrific grammar. I realize I’m incapable of forming a proper sentence- okay. Anywayyysss, I think that about sums it up or I’m already over the idea of starting this umm.. “blog”.

– Salt. Lime. CHEERS!